Modern Luxury House is a symbol of status and sophistication. It perfectly balances comfort, luxury, and smart home solutions to stand out. Also, the demand for home automation systems is drastically increasing. Luxury house plans help in increasing the resale value of any real estate. Smart home automation systems can also enhance your lifestyle by making it easy and convenient. 


Most luxury house design has a smart home automation system using IoT. With HomeMate get the best luxury house plans as we have the best smart home automation. Here we will be talking about 10 genius ways for a modern luxury house with HomeMate.


How Smart Home Automation Can Convert Into Modern Luxury House

Modern lifestyle is a priority for many now. Everyone wishes to live a convenient and smart life. The home automation system can help you build a modern luxury house. Smart switches, lights, panels, and retrofits are the new smart home solutions. Let’s look deeper into it by understanding how luxury house design can change your lifestyle. 


Improve Lifestyle

Why should our homes be left behind when technology transforms every aspect of our lives? Smart home automation offers apartments a life of their own, allowing individuals to be stress-free in a variety of ways. This implies that the house’s traditional purpose of giving comfort and relaxation is transformed into an efficient, handy, and practically luxurious location. Our luxury house plans feature convenient, seamless, and smart interior design, converted into a modern luxury house with HomeMate. 


Safety and Security

In modern luxury house security is a great concern with HomeMate’s smart devices providing 24-hour security and surveillance of smart homes. Our smart home security gadgets provide you with a full picture of all possible entry points into your property. Home automation systems using IoT can safeguard your home completely. You may now improve your security by installing sophisticated motion sensors. HomeMate smart security devices feature motion sensors, cameras, and door locks. Furthermore, you receive tight security systems that ensure your home’s protection 24*7. 


Convenience and Comfort

In today’s fast-paced world, homebuyers are looking for convenience and comfort in their daily lives. As a result, there is a greater need for home automation systems that may assist in simplifying daily duties and make living more pleasant. There is an increasing demand for luxury house design with smart home automation. We provide various smart home automation solutions to meet the demands of our customers. Our smart home solutions are designed to make life easier by automating routine tasks, such as turning On/Off lights, adjusting temperature, controlling security, and much more. Our smart home devices come with voice-activated assistants like Amazon’s Alexa or Google Home that allow residents to control various aspects of their homes with simple voice commands. 


Energy Efficient

Luxury house design, which incorporates advanced technology to optimise energy and resource use, is a promising solution for achieving sustainable living. It can reduce energy consumption, enhance indoor air quality, and minimize waste production. Smart home solutions can incorporate a range of features such as automated lighting, heating and cooling systems, energy-efficient appliances, smart sensing and cameras, and smart IR hubs. These technologies can save homeowners money on their utility bills, improve the overall comfort of their homes, and contribute to reducing carbon emissions.


Modern Luxury House Plans

Enhance your luxury house design with HomeMate smart home automation. With the convenience of voice assistant, and energy-saving features with motion & light sensors, improve your overall home security. Experience the ease of smart automation of your modern luxury house. A wide range of smart devices can embrace the future of your home living experience.  


Smart Lights

Smart lighting is the first step toward a luxury house plan. Smart lights are a better alternative than traditional options due to their smart app connectivity, scheduling capability, and voice control, among other features.



Smart switches, plugs, breakers, and extensions are used to improve the lifestyle by making it more convenient, accessible, and comfortable. HomeMate smart actuators are powerful and compact devices that can be integrated with your current appliances. 


Smart IR Hub

Control your entire home with one single IR device. You can control any device from anywhere using your smartphone using voice assistant. HomeMate smart IR hub will convert your home into a smart home. 


Motion Sensor

Detect every motion inside or outside your house using the HomeMate smart motion sensor device. Its built-in adapter will keep track of your house and will provide you with complete security. 


Smart Camera

Capture full HD 1080P high-quality image and record video even at night with night vision feature. Its intelligent features allow you to control it using voice commands and communicate with anyone outside your house. Keep your family safe using HomeMate smart cameras. 


Door Lock

Automatically locks the door behind you while you leave and unlock it using the touch feature or password. This smart door lock features remote monitoring access to logs. With this smart device, you and your family can have a peaceful sleep. 


Smart TouchScreen Panel

Control every device using a smart touch panel. Make your home smarter with a home automation system using IoT as you don’t have to control every single appliance using a remote. Use the touch panel and control your device easily. 



Simply add this device to your appliance like a fan and enjoy hassle-free control using voice commands or WiFi. Turn ON/OFF your device anywhere in the house. You can also schedule a timer and set multiple users at a time. 



Enjoy 16 million colours with adjustable colour temperature according to your mood. Sync your music with the light and control your lights using voice commands. Also, schedule a timer for your light to turn ON/OFF. 


Alarm Siren

HomeMate alarm siren is a small, sleek, and compact device to senses any motion that will trigger the alarm to alert you. This device can be used for various purposes including your safety. 



When it comes to modern luxury houses with smart automation systems, choosing the best brand and product for our company is wiser. Modify your traditional house with HomeMate into smart home solutions. Moreover, our products will help you live a convenient and efficient lifestyle.

Enhance security, and lifestyle, and live a convenient and comfortable life with HomeMate smart devices. Visit our website today and bring home the best home automation system for you.