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HomeMate Smart App Control  Set Schedule and Timer  Easily Sharing  Control From Anywhere  Voice Control

This is a Universal IR remote. It can be placed anywhere in the room and you can use it to control your device smartly.

Replace your traditional remote control with this Smart IR and start using your remote control devices using your phone with HomeMate Smart App.

You can easily set temperature of your Air Conditioner by Smartphone. You can also control it using your voice with the help of Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant and Siri Shortcut.

It can always use the DIY option to configure your own remote. Control the device you want by simply learning  the function of original remote. DIY controlled devices only support smartphones and are not compatible with Voice Assistant.

Control all your remote control devices from anywhere using HomeMate Smart App.

HomeMate product is designed, developed and proudly MADE IN INDIA.

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Homemate Smart Extension

About HomeMate Smart IR Hub

Can I control my TV using this HomeMate Smart IR Hub?

Yes, you can connect the IR hub to your TV and control it using the voice command or you can also use your smartphone as a remote.

Is it possible to control every device individually with this smart IR hub?

Yes, you can control every device individually using this Smart IR hub either by voice command or using the remote app from your smartphone.

How big is the HomeMate Smart IR hub device can I keep it on my table or near the bed?

The Smart IR Hub is a very compact and sleek design that can fit anywhere you want. It weighs just 95g so it is easy to carry and takes up very small space.

Does the HomeMate Smart IR Hub come with a timer?

The Smart IR HUb comes with a timer feature. It gives you complete freedom to schedule your device when to turn it ON/OFF.

Can I connect the HomeMate Smart IR Hub with Google or Alexa?

Yes, you can connect the HomeMate Smart IR Hub with Google or Alexa and make it work like any remote. Control your device using the voice command.