WiFi LED Dimmer Switch Module In-wall


  • Retrofit – dimmer smart switch work in sync with your existing electrical connections. No additional wiring required. They fit inside your existing switchboards
  • Small size – just 5 x 5 x 2 cm in size, suitable for all size of switchboards
  • Dual control – dimmer can be used manually using traditional switches and through smartphone app also
  • Stepless Dimming – 0-100% Dimming using traditional switch / Smart phone App / Alexa / Google Home

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HomeMate WiFi LED Dimmer Switch Module In-wall – HomeMate Wi-Fi LED dimmer switch module is easier to synchronise with your existing electrical connections i.e. it’s truly retrofit and does not require any re-wiring. It means that you can use this smart switch along with a conventional switch for manual control. Besides that, it also enables automatic control by connecting it to your Wi-Fi network or via ‘HomeMate Smart’ app.
Compatible with Alexa & Google Home – This Smart Dimmer Switch is compatible with Amazon Alexa / Google Home by using the “HomeMate Smart” skills / action for controlling home electrical appliances via your voice command.
Smartphone compatible – Our smart dimmer switch is also compatible with the ‘HomeMate Smart’ app. So, you can even use it through any smartphone while sitting on your couch, roaming on your balcony, or anywhere in the world.
Perfect For Your Smart Home – Boasting thin design and smart functionality, you don’t have to stress over using your electronic devices manually. With the easy installation of this smart switch and download the HomeMate Smart app, you can conveniently use it to control various electrical appliances from anywhere you like.


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