WiFi Curtain In-wall Smart Switch


  • Works for electrical blinds: the Wi-Fi curtain switch can work with smart curtains. Closing the curtain via phone or voice control at night and opening it at morning on your warm bed. Enhance your home with this modern, stylish alternative to traditional curtain switches
  • Safe touch control switch: This touch curtain switch supports maximum power of 600w that can work with most WT curtain motors (4 wire). Design with scratch resistance glass panel, gives the best look to blend with any wall design
  • App remote control: User can use a smartphone to remotely open/close curtain or electrical door at anytime and anywhere via app as long as the iOS/Android phone has 3G/4G/Wifi network, enjoy the convenience of intelligent life
  • Timing schedules: support enable single/repeat/countdown timing schedules. You can also set the time to open / close the curtains and automatically open the curtains in the morning, let the sun awaken you
  • One year warranty

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About HomeMate Curtain In-wall Smart Switch  

Is it easy to connect HomeMate Smart Switches to the mobile phone?

Certainly, you can connect your HomeMate Smart Switches with the mobile phone and operate it in your flexible mode.

Can I connect a high-wattage gaming PC with the HomeMate Switch?

Yes, You can choose HomeMate Smart heavy duty switch of rating 16A or 30A.

Can I install a HomeMate actuator to the main switchboard from where the electricity is flowing to the whole house?

The most recommended thing is to avoid any risk of using Smart Switch on the main switchboard. There might be a possibility that the HomeMate Smart Switch may not hold the electricity load.

Can I operate the Curtain smart switch manually after installing curtain switch?

No! HomeMate Curtain switch supports HomeMate Smart app and voice control.

Is it easy to access the Curtain Smart Switch?

Accessing the curtain smart switch can be done through the linked mobile phone or any other gadget. Moreover, you can also operate the Curtain smart switch with the voice command action via Google Assistant or Amazon Alexa.


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