WiFi Curtain In-wall Smart Switch


HomeMate Smart App Control  Set Schedule and Timer  Easily Sharing  Control From Anywhere  Grouping Your Device  Voice Control

This WiFi Curtain Smart Switch can be easily installed with 4 wire motor.

Using this smart curtain switch you can easily control your curtain with smartphone.

Voice control through Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant & Siri shortcuts compatible.

This switch has timing schedules funciton which enables you to set the time to Open / Close the curtain anytime.

HomeMate product is designed, developed and proudly MADE IN INDIA.

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Smart Curtain Switch
Smart Curtain Switch
Curtain Switch
Smart Switch
Made In India

About HomeMate Curtain Smart Switch  

Can I operate the Curtain smart switch manually after installing the curtain switch?

No! HomeMate Curtain switch supports the HomeMate Smart app and voice control. However you can Open/Close curtains using soft push feature, if supported by curtain motor.

Is it easy to access the Curtain Smart Switch?

Accessing the curtain smart switch can be done through the linked mobile phone. Moreover, you can also operate the Curtain smart switch with the voice command action via Google Assistant/ Amazon Alexa / Siri Shortcuts.

Does the HomeMate Curtainl smart switch have a timer function?

The Curtain Smart Switch supports single, repeat, or countdown timing schedules. You can also set a timer to open or close the curtain of your room.

Will I get any warranty with the HomeMate curtain smart switch?

With HomeMate products you get 1 year of warranty from purchase date.

Can I control the WiFi curtain smart switch with a voice command?

Yes, control the WiFi curtain smart switch with voice command with Google or Alexa or using your smartphone.


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