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16 Million of colors with pre-defined modes.

Easy sharing with family and friend.

Smart LED Strip has Music Sync function.

Timers and schedules function.

Control light from anywhere in the world using HomeMate Smart App.

Voice control through Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant & Siri shortcuts compatible.

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HomeMate RGB Strip Light
Music Sync Feature
HomeMate Strip Light
HomeMate Strip Light

About HomeMate Smart Wi-Fi RGB LED KIT

How many colours does this Wi-Fi RGB LED Kit have?

The WiFi RGB LED kit has 16 million colours with pre-defined modes to help you set to any colour according to your mood.

Is it easy to voice control the HomeMate smart lights?

Yes, controlling the HomeMate Smart lights can be done through Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant and Siri Shortcuts.

Does the WiFI RGB LED Kit support Alexa and Google Assistant?

You can control the WiFi RGB LED Kit using voice commands with Google Assistant and Alexa. Just connect your device and enjoy hassle-free control from anywhere.

Can I dim the lights of the RGB LED Kit?

Yes! HomeMate LED Lights have a remarkable feature of setting the brightness of the lights as per the need. You can dim the normal light as well as can increase the brightness of the light.

Can I sync the WiFi RGB LED Kit with music?

Yes, you can sync the WiFI RGB LED Kit with music. Let your light dance with music by changing to different colours.

2 reviews for Wi-Fi RGB LED KIT

  1. anshul

    The packing was excellent. LEDs come with sticky strips for simple installation. With various modes, multiple colour possibilities are available. No one offers 5m led in this pricing range. There is no need to purchase anything individually because it is included in the box. I am completely delighted with this price for the well-known smart LED strips and great quality.

  2. utkarsh

    It was really simple to use the smart application to apply the led, and it works nicely with Alexa and voice commands.
    The brightness is sufficient to provide a pleasant backlight to the room. It’s unquestionably a low-cost and beginner-friendly product.
    The app listed in the product manual is functional. To fully experience this smart lighting system, Wifi is required. This device is a wonderful starting point for DIY lighting on a tight budget. I’m going to get more to cover my entire room.

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