WiFi+BLE 2-Node In-wall Smart Switch


  • RETROFIT – HomeMate 2 Node Smart switch work in sync with your existing electrical connections. No additional wiring required. They fit inside your existing switchboards.
  • SMALL SIZE – Just 5 x 4.1 x 2 cm in size, suitable for all size of switchboards
  • DUAL CONTROL – All 4 on/off points can be used manually using traditional switches and through Smartphone App also.
  • INDIVIDUAL CONTROL – Each point can be controlled individually by traditional switch / Smart phone App / Alexa & Google Home
  • One Year Warranty 

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1 Node Smart Swicth
HomeMate 1 Node Smart Switch
HomeMate 1 Node Smart Switch
HomeMate 1 Node Smart Switch
HomeMate 1 Node Smart Switch
Made In India

About HomeMate WiFi + BLE 2-Node 

How many loads can be connected to 2 Node Switch?

HomeMate 2 Node Smart Switch is a wifi enabled switch that helps you to operate 2 devices that are linked through that particular switchboard through HomeMate Smart app and manually as well.

Can i install a HomeMate switch to the main switchboard from where the electricity is flowing to the whole house?

The most recommended thing is to avoid any risk of using Smart Switch on the main switchboard. There might be a possibility that the HomeMate Smart Switch may not hold the electricity load.

Is it easy to connect HomeMate Smart Switches to the mobile phone?

Certainly, you can connect your HomeMate Smart Switches with the mobile phone and operate it in your flexible mode.

Can i connect a heavy appliances like Heater/Geyser with the HomeMate Switch?

Yes, You can choose HomeMate Smart heavy duty switch of rating 16A or 30A.

Can I use the HomeMate products with Siri?

Yes, you can control it through Siri from phone using Shortcuts option after creating a scene in Iphone using HomeMate Smart app.


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