HomeMate Smart Accuators

  • Control your appliances
  • From anywhere

  • Monitor Energy consumption
  • For Heavy appliances

  • Works with Alexa,
  • Google Home & Siri

Guide To HomeMate Smart Actuators

Can a smart plug be used without the internet?

Yes, it can be used in local network (LAN) without internet connection. But once you connect it to Wi-Fi and HomeMate Smart App, you can operate it from anywhere. So, power your devices without lifting your finger by installing a smart plug now!

What are actuators in home automation?

An actuator in home automation is a device that works in action as requested by anyone to get specific tasks done. For instance, turning off/on a light, raising the AC temperature, etc.

What are the types of actuators HomeMate provide?

HomeMate offers a wide range of actuators such as smart extensions, smart fan controllers, smart plug sockets, smart IR hubs, LED strip controllers, smart switch breakers, in-wall smart switches, and more.

Do smart IR require mobile phones with IR capabilities?

No, IR doesn’t need IR capability in a phone. The smart IR is itself an IR emitter. You first have to link it with Wi-Fi and operate it from your phone.