Wi-Fi Smart LCD Door Lock


  • Advanced 3D Face ID Recognition: Our intelligent door lock employs cutting-edge 3D face recognition technology, ensuring precise identification of authorized individuals for secure access. This sophisticated biometric feature enhances security by analyzing facial features in three dimensions, guaranteeing heightened accuracy in authentication.
  • Monitor Access Remotely – HomeMate Smart app is designed for IOS and Android devices and gives you easy door access and tracking abilities.You can view the access logs in the app for detailed information about who has opened your door, at what times, and how they gained access.
  • Door Compatibility : Designed for doors with a thickness ranging from 35 mm to 70 mm, this lock is specifically ideal for wooden doors. Please note that it is not suitable for entrances with double doors, metal doors, sliding doors, or grill gates. However, it is perfectly suited for use in houses, hotels, apartments, and offices.
  • Unlocking options – Face ID (100 users) Fingerprint (100 users), App (no limit), RFID Card (2 provided) (250 users memory Card+PIN), PIN, 2 Manual Keys (Provided). RF Remote Control included Need router around 8 feet from lock.
  • 1 Yeare Warranty : HomeMate Smart Door Lock comes with a standard one year warranty.

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About HomeMate Fingerprint Smart Door Lock

If my HomeMate doorbell is connected to the Amazon Echo, does the audio uttered by the device?

Yes, if your HomeMate doorbell is linked to Amazon Echo then it will inform you about the doorbell.

Is it crucial to always plug in your HomeMate camera switch?

The answer is as per the need of the person. The HomeMate cameras will keep on recording activities that are taking place. If an internet connection is made to the HomeMate cameras then it would be easier to have a glance at the activities while being far away.

How many mobile phones can I connect with the HomeMate security system?

Each product has its connection limits. But you can connect 2-3 mobile phones with the HomeMate security system.

Can I turn off my HomeMate Smart led light through a mobile app while lying in bed?

Yes, you can operate your HomeMate Smart Home products from anywhere in the world. All you need is that your smart home appliances should be connected to the wifi.

Can I operate the doorbell with the help of a fingerprint?

Yes! You can unlock the door of your property by putting a thumb impression on the device and entering your property. Moreover, all the smart devices have smart motion sensors which make accessibility to the place easier.