Nowadays, having a high-tech home does not mean spending a fortune. With HomeMate smart home actuators, smart plugs, and accessories, you get to power to turn any ordinary space into a smart high-tech place. Our accessories are very easy to set up and convenient to use within a few seconds without the need for any hub. When connected with the HomeMate Smart app, you can easily control anything from the comfort of your bed or couch. From switching on your coffee machine in the morning and turning on an AC to turning off the lamps, you can enjoy easy plug and play – as long as there’s an active Wi-Fi connection.

What are Wi-Fi Smart Actuators?

The WiFi actuators are intelligent devices that are easy to attach to any desired socket and are convenient to smarten up even the very basic appliances. Even if you are seeking a straightforward way to automate your house, the Wi-Fi smart actuators are the must-have devices.

Whether you want to switch on/off your lamps from your bed or keep a check on your family’s TV usage, once these smart devices are plugged into the desired outlet, you get to remotely control any desired devices to which smart actuators are linked to

What makes these devices so innovative is their ability to easily interact with the devices you already have at home. You can simply transform any existing outlet into a smart unit.

How Smart Actuators Work as Home Automation

It is very convenient to get the best out of smart plugs. All you need to do is connect your smart plug to any of your outlets and plug it into a household device. Then, you can easily control the connected device’s power supply via commands you send through a HomeMate Smart app. If you have a smart voice assistant at your place (like Google Assistant or Amazon Alexa), you may instruct your smart actuators through voice commands.

Here are just some of the various uses of a smart actuator:

  • Control an AC device or heater before you arrive home.
  • Turn on your coffee machine through your bed.
  • Convert your ordinary fan to Smart Fan
  • Set temperature of the AC through voice command.
  • Remotely turn off the electrical appliances, like hair straighteners, that you may have left on.
  • Turn on lamps when you are away from your house for deterring intruders.

Check out our collection of smart actuators here.

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