HomeMate Security

  • Wi-Fi Smart Door/window Sensor

    Wi-Fi Smart Door/window Sensor

  • Wi-Fi Security Alarm Siren

    Wi-Fi Security Alarm Siren

  • Wi-Fi Motion Sensor

  • Wi-Fi Smoke Sensor

  • WiFi Smart Indoor PTZ Camera

  • WiFi Smart Outdoor Camera

  • WiFi Fingerprint Smart Door Lock (Reversible)

  • HomeMate Smart WiFi Door Lock

    WiFi Smart Digital Lock for Wooden Door

  • Smart Biometric Cabinet Lock

  • Wi-Fi Smart Glass Door Lock

  • Wi-Fi Smart Door Lock

  • Wi-Fi Smart LCD Door Lock


  • Family Sharing
  • Family Sharing

  • Real Time Notification
  • and Monitoring

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  • Class Features

About HomeMate Security Products

Know More about HomeMate Security Products

Having your own home is one of the biggest achievements and investments in your life. So, it’s your priority to keep it safe and secure. But how? Thanks to HomeMate Smart security solutions, it’s easier to elevate your home’s intelligence and make it safer.

The best home security devices come backed with 24/7 smart home automation, professional alarm monitoring, and integration with various services, like Alexa and Google Assistance. Our system also lets you control your home security with a mobile app and let you monitor your home round the clock.

Our wireless home security devices is a great option because it does not require hard wiring. Therefore, these are easy to install and update over time. Since they often run on batteries, they are easy to install in various locations with no electrical wiring or outlets. Hence, it saves you time and money. All this makes it a great solution for various people living in condominiums, older homes, and apartments, where it may be hard to install a properly wired security system.

Smart Door lock and Video Door Bell

We offer you smart door lock and Video Door Bell to not only lets you come and go as you like but also lets you see who is at your doorstep when you’re away. With HomeMate door entry system (lock & bell), you are in full control of the front door, right from your smartphone – no matter where you are at present. Our product range is easier to lock/unlock with the secured unique code. And, thanks to our Smart video door bell, you can give access to your home only to the right people.

Smart Siren Alarm

HomeMade smart safety alarms can notify you once our Smart sensors detect any sort of leaks before smoke becomes a major fire and during flood conditions. When you connect our safety alarm and sensors to your smart home, you can use gas valve actuator , it can automatically give command to cut off the gas flow for safety. You may even notify a local team for emergency response.

Movement detection

HomeMate Smart Siren alarm can be integrated with smart motion sensors for movement detection. With the installation of our intelligent motion sensor, your smart home gets its ears and eyes. Plus, our various range of products is ideal to provide you with a feeling of safety – both indoors and outdoors.

Guide To HomeMate Security Products

Is it easy to install HomeMate smart door locks?

The installation of smart door locks is like fixing your traditional locks. But all you need is to connect your lock with the wifi and Bluetooth so that the accessibility to your place becomes easier and more convenient.

How does a HomeMate smart motion sensor work?

Smart motion sensors have multiple technologies fitted in them which help to detect any moment that takes place in and around the surface area that is covered by it.

How can I open my house after installing HomeMate smart home security on the door?

After the installation of the smart home security system, you can open your house doors with the help of fingerprints, passcodes and keys.

Can I install HomeMate smart security cameras in my house?

Yes! The installation of smart security cameras inside your house helps to keep a look inside your property even if you are at a distance.

Is it easy to hack HomeMate smart security services?

If you are using good quality smart security service, then it is difficult to hack the device.