Wi-Fi + BLE Power Strip – 4 Outlet – 10A

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Use the master control mode or control 4 smart sockets with your smart phone.

Power supply: 90-250V AC

Wireless type – WiFi 2.4GHz

Maximum load current – 10A

Resume Last State after power outage

Material: RF-ABS

The Smart power strip is made of PC flame resistance material and has been approved for safety and quality assurance.

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About Wi-Fi BLE Power Strip – 4 Outlet – 10A 

Can I install a HomeMate actuator to the main switchboard from where the electricity is flowing to the whole house?

The most recommended thing is to avoid any risk of using Smart Switch on the main switchboard. There might be a possibility that the HomeMate Smart Switch may not hold the electricity load.

Is it easy to connect HomeMate Smart Switches to the mobile phone?

Certainly, you can connect your HomeMate Smart Switches with the mobile phone and operate it in your flexible mode.

Can I connect a high-wattage gaming PC with the HomeMate Switch?

Yes, You can choose HomeMate Smart heavy duty switch of rating 16A or 30A.

Can I schedule the turning off and on of the HomeMate Smart Extension?

Yes! Turning off and on the appliances can be pre-scheduled if your products are linked to a smart extension board.

Can I use the HomeMate Smart extension for Energy Monitoring?

 Yes! HomeMate Smart extension allows you to track electricity consumption via HomeMate Smart App.


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