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HomeMate WiFi Smart IR Control Hub

Color: Black

Compatible Devices: Television, Air Conditioner, Cell Phone

Connector Type: WiFi, Infrared

Control Method: Homemate Smart App

Highlighted Features

66 Million Colors

Best in Smart Home Solutions

Easy Installation

HomeMate conveniently installs your smart home lights and their other products. All you need to do is trust homeate and our installation process.

Control from anywhere

Thanks to smartphones or smart voice assistants, smart home devices are easier to control from anywhere – even outside your home!

Custom & retro fit

We can help you customize your smart home lighting and home security as per your requirements. We won’t leave until you’re satisfied.


Make Your Home More



Your Security is More



Power Consumption is More



No Tick-Tack, Go For



Wide range of smart home lighting and security products.
We offer you high-quality smart home solution.
Products with advanced technology and very easy to use.
Homemate products can be easily operated from anywhere.

Homemate Smart Home Security Like Never Before

24*7 control and monitoring of smart home appliances are possible with HomeMate’s smart products. Our smart home security devices give you a complete idea of various places from where anyone may enter your house. Our smart security devices are integrated with motion sensors to easily detect anyone’s presence. Moreover, our products offer very tight security by providing you assurance of 24*7 security at home. So, you can enjoy a stress-free and happy life without worrying about intruders breaking into your house.

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Homemate Smart App – One App, Limitless Possibilities

Want a home that takes care of you? With the HomeMate smartphone app, it’s possible! You get to manage everything from anywhere you like. You can easily control smart Wi-Fi bulbs and home security systems with our mobile application. HomeMate’s smart gadgets are easy to integrate with any smartphone with an Android or iOS operating system. So, you get to use your phone for monitoring and controlling the devices around your home with ease. All you need is a stable internet connection and you’re all set to enjoy a fully controlled smart home.

Not only can you control and monitor our smart devices with a few taps on your smartphone, but also use your voice commands. Yes, all HomeMate’s smart products are easy to connect with Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa. So, no need to waste your energy, simply order the smart lights to turn on/off using your voice!

to control all your device

download the Homemate Smart app


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