Wi-Fi Security Alarm Siren


  • WiFi Siren Alarm powered by USB Cable, make sound and light when triggered,multiple sounds type for choose
  • HomeMate Smart Alarm is small, sleek and compact design make these smart sensor simple and convenient to install.
  • Compatible with all other smart home devices HomeMate offer
  • Can be operated with battery ( not included ), connected directly to Wi-Fi, no hub required.

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Smart Door Sensor
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Made In India

About HomeMate Wi-Fi Security Alarm Siren

Can I use this alarm siren with batteries?

Yes, this alarm siren can be used with batteries. But the batteries won’t be included with this device you need to buy it separately.

What is the benefit of this security alarm siren?

This alarm siren is a great device for your home security. This will trigger the alarm if there are any bulgar or intruders at your house.

How loud is this alarm siren? Can I hear it from the second floor?

This alarm siren is too loud it can produce up to 100db. So, you can hear the alarm sound from anywhere in your home.

How many mobile phones can I connect with the HomeMate security system?

Each product has its connection limits. But you can connect 2-3 mobile phones with the HomeMate security system.

Can I check the HomeMate cameras when I am out of the country?

Yes, access to your HomeMate cameras is quite easy. All you need is an internet connection to the cameras and henceforth, you can see the recordings as per your availability.