Smart Home Kit


Introducing the ultimate smart home solution for your apartment. This kit includes smart retrofit switches,  smart plugs and smart ir control hub, all designed to make your life easier and your home smarter. Select from below options depending on size of flat and no. of devices to be control:

1 BHK – Lite : Automate 5 Lights,1 Fan and IR devices

1 BHK – Power : Automate 8 Lights, 2 Fans, 1 AC/Geyser and IR devices

2 BHK – Lite : Automate 9 Lights, 1 Fan and IR devices

2 BHK – Power : Automate 12 Lights, 2 Fans, 2 AC/Geyser and 2 IR devices

3 BHK – Power : Automate 14 Lights, 4 Fans, 3 AC/Geyser and 2 IR devices

Dual Control : Control devices from both manual switches and App in sync.

Smartphone App Control : Control all your appliances connected from anywhere in the world using HomeMate Smart App.

Voice Control : Control your home via Alexa, Google Assistant and Siri via Shortcuts.

Installation : Provided by brand in 30+ cities.

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About HomeMate Smart Home Kit 

What will be inside the HomeMate Smart kit?

The kit includes a combination of Smart retrofit switches, heavy-duty 16A smart plug, and smart IR control hub depending on the type of kit selected to make your life easier and make your home smarter.

What can I connect with the HomeMate Smart Plug 16A ?

You can connect all the heavy appliances you usually connect to a plug on your wall. Heavy appliances that work with an On/Off status change like A.C., Geyser, Heater, Microwave oven, etc can be easily connected and activated whenever you want with a simple tap on HomeMate Smart App.

Can I connect the HomeMate devices with Alexa or Google Assistant?

Yes, HomeMate devices are compatible with Alexa, Google Assistant and Siri via Shortcuts.

Do I need to keep the HomeMate smart IR control hub in the same room?

Yes, you need to keep the IR controller in the same room connected to the device. This device sends infrared signals to be operated. But the commands are received from your smartphone, Alexa or Google Assistant. As a result, you can manage the connected devices from any location.

What is the range of the HomeMate smart IR control hub and how many devices it can connect?

The HomeMate Smart IR control hub works at 360 degrees and up to 8 meters in range. It can connect up to 8 devices at a time.

Can I install the HomeMate smart retrofit switches by myself?

No, it requires opening of the switchboard and electrical connection has to be done, so it is recommended to take electrician help to install the device. Electrician has to follow simple steps mentioned in the instruction manual. Moreover, you can avail our technician installation support (connect to check your service area).

Do I have to change my switchboard to install the intelligent retrofit switches?

No, you don’t need to change the switchboards. We bring you the perfect smart retrofit solution that you can connect directly with your old switchboards and make it smart. You don’t need any additional wiring.