Wi-Fi LED Dimmer Touch Switch


  • Smart WiFi Dimmer Touch Switch : Dimmer smart touch switch is compatible with dimmable LED driver LEDs,  Stepless Dimming – 0-100% Dimming using traditional switch / Smart phone App / Alexa / Google Home 
  • Compatible with Alexa & Google home : This touch switch works with Amazon Alexa / Google Home by using “HomeMate Smart” App to control electric devices with your voice.
  • Thin design and capacitive touch of switch gives more comfort, No need to press heavily, just lightly touch the switch and you will able to turn on/off electric device. Easy installation of touch switches make it cozy for everyone from user to electrician. These Switches are completely compatible with existing wiring of residential or commercial real estate. No need to change your existing electrical wiring.
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Smart Touch Switch
Smart Touch Switch
Smart Touch Switch
Smart Touch Switch
Smart Touch Switch
Smart Touch Switch

About HomeMate Wi-Fi LED Dimmer Touch Switch

Do the HomeMate Smart Touch Switches work only through the touch buttons?

No, the HomeMate Smart Touch Switches can be operated manually as well as through mobile phones or the voice command that is given to linked voice assistants like Amazon Alexa / Google Assistant or Siri Shortcuts.

Should HomeMate dimmer touch switches be connected to the internet?

Yes, if you want to access the HomeMate smart switches, it’s better to connect them to the internet. It will make you flexible in turning off and on the smart products.

Is it easy to connect HomeMate Smart Touch Switches with the mobile phone?

Yes, you can easily connect your HomeMate Smart Touch Switches by downloading the HomeMate Smart mobile application on your phone.

Can it fit in all types of switch board plates?

No! HomeMate Smart Touch Switches are compatible with below switch board brand plates:

HomeMate, Roma Classic, Roma Allure, Roma Vetro(Glass plate), Hifi, Wonder, Rider, Vinay Adora, Panama 1000+, Richard Royal Rika, Alemac, Aonn, Fybros, Parcos, Vihan Ever, Vihan Forum, Vihan Flyoer, Vihan Flato, Sioma, Kolors KBC Vouge, Kolors KBC Selekt, Milltech, Pointer, Allwyn, Cona, Lisha, Netwit, Vankon, Red Card, Amaron, Vinayak, Maru Switches, Western Vintage, Hosper, Western V-Wood, Livon, Philcon, litaski, Rapid electricals.

Can I dim the light on the HomeMate Dimmer Touch Switch?

Yes, setting the brightness of the lights can be done through the touch Wifi smart switch. You can set the brightness as per your desire.

HomeMate Wi-Fi LED Dimmer Touch Switch - This Wi-Fi-enabled Touch Switch is easy to fit in electrical switch plates to turn your home into a Smart Home. Hence, you can control lights with dimming features with ease. Plus, no additional structural changes or installation are required. Easily share access to this Smart Touch Dimmer Switch with the other family members using the sharing feature in the ‘HomeMate Smart’ app.

Voice Control Your Electrical Appliances - Thanks to this Smart touch switch, it’s easier to control the brightness of the lights to set perfect lighting and ambiance using voice command with the connection to Amazon Alexa, Google assistant or the HomeMate Smart app. You can easily adjust light brightness via your voice without touching anything.

Control Your Electrical Appliances Via Smartphone: With a simple download of HomeMate Smart app, it’s more accessible to control various appliances via smartphone from wherever you are at any time.

Stylish Addition to Your Smart Home: Turn your home into a contemporary smart home with the installation of this sleek and modern touch dimmer switch. Due to its chic design, it’s easier to blend with any home interior - be it modern, contemporary, or traditional.

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