Say goodbye to the annoying tick-tack of conventional switches. Now, you can give your home a magnificent look with stylish and sleek-looking touch panels. Such smart touch panels give your home an elegant and artistic appearance. So, you smartly upgrade your wall smart switches and convert your home into a smarter version. At HomeMate, we offer you futuristic touch switches and panels that let you control almost everything from anywhere, anytime.

Our products are developed, designed, and manufactured with smart state-of-the-art technology. Hence, our aesthetically designed smart products ensure you the utmost comfort and convenience. Being a definitive smart home solution, a smart touch panel enables you to control lights, fans, and other appliances with just a single touch. With the help of our innovative app and configurable memory, you get intelligent control just at a reasonable price.

Sleep-looking touch panels with trendy designs bring an aesthetic appeal to an interior suitable for the millennial lifestyle. The built-in Wi-Fi and app integration are the key features that add more comfort to your life and make it smarter. It is because you can easily control things around you with unique features, such as single feather touch, shockproof, Wi-Fi technology, and more.

HomeMate Smart touch switches are easy to operate via voice assistants, such as Amazon Alexa and Google Home. Besides controlling these panels with a finger-touch or smart app, you can even operate them through voice commands.

Here are some convenient features of HomeMate Touch switches:

  • Smart Touch: The touch panel boasts a sleep glass panel design, which is remarkably smooth and offers the best functionality and design to your home.
  • Feather Touch: The touch panels are highly sensitive with smart touch sensors. Hence, these are perfect to meet the responses of all the desired touch commands.
  • Easy Installation: All one needs is a screwdriver to easily install these touch panels. Being modular, these panels are easy to install yourself.
  • Heat, Humidity, Shock-Proof: These are safe to touch in heat and humidity, and are shockproof. Moreover, the design is child-friendly.

With such functionality, these touch panel switches are so simple and convenient to use. So, the next time you wish to turn off your bedroom lights and switches, simply give a command to a smart voice assistant and it will get the job done for you.

Features :

  • Easy Installation
  • Control connected load such as electronics device, light, etc on a single tap.
  • Switches come with surge protectors within the panel to handle voltage variations inside a circuit.
  • Wi-Fi integrated product works with or without internet connectivity.
  • No modification is needed in the internal wiring for installing the smart switch.
  • Command with the voice assistants, like Google Home or Amazon Alexa

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