WiFi Smart LED Batten

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Wattage- 20W

Transform your room to all kinds of themes such as reading, night, meeting, leisure, soft by changing brightness and white color between Warm White and Cool Day White with Smart Life App.

Create your own scene or schedule light, whether at home or away.

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HomeMate LED Batten
HomeMate LED Batten

About HomeMate Smart LED Batten

Can I turn off my HomeMate Smart led light through a mobile app while lying in bed?

Yes, you can operate your HomeMate Smart Home products from anywhere in the world. All you need is that your smart home appliances should be connected to the wifi.

Is it easy to voice control the HomeMate smart lights?

Yes, controlling the HomeMate Smart lights can be done through Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant and Siri Shortcuts.

Can I change the colour of the Smart Bulb?

Yes! You can change the colour of the HomeMate smart bulb to 16 million shades.

Does the HomeMate Smart Lights have a warm white light function mode?

Yes, the HomeMate lights can turn to 16 million shades. You may select the colour of the light as per your desire. Along with RGB, most of the lights support Tuneable white option i.e. you can change white shades from Cool White to Warm White Lights.

How can I connect a HomeMate Smart Bulb with Wi-Fi?

Yes! Connecting your HomeMate Smart Bome bulb with the wifi makes it easier for you to operate all the smart products with a voice command or a single tap on the HomeMate Smart App.

4 reviews for WiFi Smart LED Batten

  1. Nithya

    Got one LED Batten from HomeMate last week. As of now, it’s been doing great. Worth the money! I just levelled up my smart lighting system by adding LED Batten. Suggesting others try one out!

  2. Mohini

    HomeMate’s LED batten is a must-add if you are a smart home lighting enthusiast. This batten has a sleek design and is brighter than a basic tube. The packaging is good and I am happy with the purchase.

  3. Amit

    LED batten is an amazing option over traditional lights. I was wondering how the packaging will be, but now I am satisfied as I received the product. Impressions are good, will purchase one more soon!

  4. Abhay

    Fantastic light panels and a highly customizable smart lighting system. A bit expensive but far more affordable than other brands. Control via phone app is the best and lets you set most colours on the RGB gamut. Also easy to install and manage.

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