WiFi 4-Node In-wall Smart Switch


This WiFi 4-Node Smart Switch can be easily installed, No additional wiring required and compatible with exiting manual switches.

Control all your small appliances such as Coffee maker, Air purifier, Lamps, Electric kettle etc. in smart way with HomeMate 4-Node Smart Switch.

Voice control through Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant & Siri shortcuts compatible.

Control all your appliances connected from anywhere in the world using HomeMate Smart App.

HomeMate product is designed, developed and proudly MADE IN INDIA.

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4-Node Smart Switch
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HomeMate 1 Node Smart Switch
HomeMate 1 Node Smart Switch
HomeMate 1 Node Smart Switch
Made In India

About HomeMate 4-Node Smart Switch 

How many loads can be connected to 4 Node Switch?

HomeMate 4 Node Smart Switch is a wifi enabled switch that helps you to operate 4 appliances that are linked through that particular switchboard through the HomeMate Smart app and manually.

Can I use the HomeMate 4-Node Smart Switch with Siri?

Yes, you can control it through Siri from your phone using the Shortcuts option after creating a scene on your iPhone using the HomeMate Smart app.

Can I control heavy appliances like geysers, heaters, or ACs with WiFi 4 Node In-wall smart switch?

No, you can only control small appliances like coffee kettles, lamps, and fans with the WiFi 4 Node In-wall smart switch. For heavy appliances, you need to get 1-Node smart Switch.

Is it possible to set a timer on the WiFi 4 Node in-wall smart switch to turn ON/OFF the appliances?

Yes, the WiFI 4 Node in-wall smart switch allows the users to set a scheduled time for any appliances to turn ON/OFF.

Can I control the WiFi 4 Node in-wall smart switch with Alexa or Google Assistant?

WiFi 4 Node in-wall smart switch comes with voice command technology so you can control this device using Alexa or Google Assistant and have a convenient lifestyle.


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