Smart LED Strip Tunable White (CCT)


  • Control from anywhere – Control your light from anywhere with the HomeMate Smart app, light-up up your home remotely even when you are on holiday for better security
  • Voice control – Control lights with your voice using amazon alexa and google assistant
  • White tunable and dimmable– transform your room to all kinds of themes such as reading, night, meeting, leisure by changing brightness and white color b/w warm white and cool day white
  • Create scenes and routines: Create your own scene or schedule light, whether at home or away
  • One Year Warranty
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HomeMate Smart LED Strip Tunable White (CCT) - Brighten your special moments with white light in various tones (Warm White/Neutral White/White). To use all of the features, download the 'HomeMate Smart' app from the Ios App Store or Google Play Store and follow the instructions. Now you may choose from various white shades, adjust the brightness to your liking, set a timer, and create light groups as needed.
Control Your LED strip and Change white light shade with Voice Command - Connect the LED strip tuneable white light with Alexa and Google Assistant to easily control it using your voice commands. Hence, using your voice, you can easily turn on/off your LED Strip, adjust the light brightness, and change the white colour shade.
Control Your LED Strip Remotely via Smartphone: Download the “HomeMate Smart” app to your smartphone and easily control this white LED strip from anywhere and anytime.
Perfect To Uplift Your Mood - Set a timer to automatically switch on/off the gadget, allowing it to wake up with you every morning in your favourite white hue or fall asleep with you every night with a warm tone.

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