Do you dislike fumbling for light switches in the dark? Don’t worry! At HomeMate, we offer you a wide range of smart lighting products to transform your home into a Smart Home. Now, you can turn on light before entering in the dark home through HomeMate Smart app or Alexa/Google assistant. You can also control your home lighting from anywhere in the world.

Our smart lighting products offer customers an expanded way to install intelligence into the lighting for your home. Smart lighting gives you a smart way to control it either via a mobile-connected app or a voice assistant. You get to choose various technologies, like Wi-Fi with Bluetooth and a variety of products.

HomeMate new generation lighting products have features to change colours from 16 millions colour pallet available in the app (supported models) or tune to any shade of white i.e. Cool white to warm white (supported models). There are preset modes as well some are pre-defined and some can be customise as per your requirement. Lights can be sync with music, so that you can dance with the beats of music and lights will also dance with the rhythm.

In addition to providing you the ability to make custom lighting changes, HomeMate also enables you to monitor your lighting and cameras from across the city or the world. You can remotely turn on your lights for your friends who arrive at your house earlier than expected or simply turn them off if your children have left them on accidentally. Also, you can schedule the lights turn on/off in your absence, so that thief will get impression that the home is not empty and do not attempt his luck.

Our Smart lighting with a combination of Wi-Fi and Bluetooth gives you complete freedom to not just switch on/off the lighting, but also to change their light effects as per your mood. Our products are compatible with leading smart voice assistant, like Amazon Echo and Google Home. They are designed to work as you command or control them. Besides the freedom to control the lighting, you get simplicity in designs to ensure they complement any interior space.

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