Wi-Fi Motion Sensor


  • Detect the status of your indoor or outdoor activity with HomeMate’s Motion Sensor. A built-in adapter keeps track any area that you want to monitor with.
  • HomeMate Smart Sensor’s small, sleek and compact design make these smart sensor simple and convenient to install.
  • Compatible with all other smart home devices HomeMate offer
  • Battery operated, connected directly to Wi-Fi, no hub required.

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WiFi motion sensor
WIFI Motion Sensor
Motion Sensor
Motion Sensor
Motion Sensor Notification

About HomeMate Smart Motion Sensor

Is it crucial to always plug in your HomeMate camera switch?

The answer is as per the need of the person. The HomeMate cameras will keep on recording activities that are taking place. If an internet connection is made to the HomeMate cameras then it would be easier to have a glance at the activities while being far away.

Can Motion Sensor Light save electricity?

Yes, it is a remarkable feature in smart security cameras, that whenever any motion is detected in the surrounding area, the light turns off and on accordingly. Therefore, electricity is saved.

How many mobile phones can I connect with the HomeMate security system?

Each product has its connection limits. But you can connect 2-3 mobile phones with the HomeMate security system.

Can I check the HomeMate cameras when I am out of the country?

Yes, access to your HomeMate cameras is quite easy. All you need is an internet connection to the cameras and henceforth, you can see the recordings as per your availability.

Does the HomeMate camera system have motion sensors?

Yes, HomeMate cameras do have motion sensors which help to keep a keen vision of all the activities that are taking place.