WiFi Smart Indoor PTZ Camera


  • FHD 1080P & Night Vision – Give you a colorful high-quality image in 1080p resolution day and night, and combined a 110° wide lens to cover more spaces clearly even in the pitch dark with a night vision distance up to 32ft.
  • Two-Way Audio – Fitted with Mic & Speaker allows you to communicate with the baby remotely.
  • Intelligent Alerts – Smart detection enables you to receive the real-time notification of actions and sounds while detected, make you more easily to monitor your home anywhere.
  • Voice Control – The indoor camera works with Alexa Echo Show directly, simply ask Alexa (Display Models like Echo Show) to show you camera by voice command.

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About HomeMate Wi-Fi Smart Indoor PTZ Camera

Can I use a HomeMate smart security indoor camera to keep an eye on the maid while I am at the office?

Indeed! Installing the HomeMate security cameras can ease your job of bothering about things that you have left unfinished at your house. You can keep an eye on your maid.

Can I check the HomeMate cameras when I am out of the country?

Yes, access to your HomeMate cameras is quite easy. All you need is an internet connection to the cameras and henceforth, you can see the recordings as per your availability.

What is the use of an Indoor PTZ camera?

The smart home security cameras provide full security of your house when you are at a distance. Moreover, if you are working and have kids at your home then you can also keep an eye on your little ones.

Is it crucial to always plug in your HomeMate camera switch?

The answer is as per the need of the person. The HomeMate cameras will keep on recording activities that are taking place. If an internet connection is made to the HomeMate cameras then it would be easier to have a glance at the activities while being far away.

How many mobile phones can I connect with the HomeMate security system?

Each product has its connection limits. But you can connect 2-3 mobile phones with the HomeMate security system.