Wi-Fi+BLE RGBIC Dreamcolor LED Kit


  • True RGBIC Effects: Equipped with built-in IC chips, HomeMate rgbic led strip lights can display multiple colors simultaneously. From vibrant, multiple color effects to alluring, subtle color schemes, these lights are sure to impress.
  • Effortless Voice Control: Adjust smart led strip lights without even lifting a finger using hands-free via Alexa and Google Assistant. Enjoy extensive customization in the HomeMate Smart app. Both WiFi and Bluetooth connectivity options.
  • Enhanced Music Modes: LED lights can sync with your favourite music and sounds, get-togethers, and watching sports.
  • Scene Modes: Choose from stunning scenes in the effects lab, get creative with the DIY function by making your own colors and effects, or simply apply your light effect with amazing creations in the HomeMate Smart app.
  • Selection and Color Gallery: Incredible theme selection and 16 million customisable colour changing provide the perfect surroundings for any occasion. Each strip is divided into segments which can be controlled individually.
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HomeMate Wi-Fi+BLE RGBIC Dreamcolour LED Kit: With a colour palette of over 16 million colours, you may now easily customize your lighting. That’s all thanks to our Wi-Fi+BLE RGB Dreamcolour LED Kit. You can download the ‘HomeMate Smart’ app to control the lighting effects in your house quickly. To display more than one colour simultaneously, choose a distinct colour for each part of the app, akin to a rainbow. Hence, you can reinvent indoor decor with vibrant colours and effects. It's perfect for living rooms, bedrooms, porch lighting, at-home parties, hotels, cafes, etc.

Control Your LED Strip and Change Colour With Voice Command - Enable HomeMate Smart LED lighting strip to connect with Alexa and Google assistant to quickly turn on/off lighting through your voice.

Control Your Light Strips via Smartphone: With the download of the “HomeMate Smart” app, you can easily control the home lighting via your smartphone. It means you can control the lighting wherever you are in-home or outside.

Music Sync Feature: The LED strip also comes with a music sync feature to set the light effects per the music beats.
Perfect To Get a Party Started - Get your party started by selecting a scene mode, controlling groups, and adjusting the light colour and brightness to fit your mood. Or you can set a timer to turn on/off the device automatically. It enables you to change the light effects at a specific time of the day, such as evening or night.

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