Wi-Fi+BLE RGBIC Dreamcolor LED Kit



There are over 16 million of color for you to choose according to your different using situations. Preset the timer in different time periods, which can remind you to do something and make your life more regular.

Control the lighting at your fingertips; just download the HomeMate Smart app from play store or apple store

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HomeMate Strip Light
RGBIC Made In India Home Mate

About HomeMate Wi-Fi RGBIC Dreamcolor LED Kit

Is it easy to voice control the HomeMate smart lights?

Yes, controlling the HomeMate Smart lights can be done through Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant and Siri Shortcuts.

Can I change the colour of the Smart Bulb?

Yes! You can change the colour of the HomeMate smart bulb to 16 million shades.

Does the HomeMate Smart Lights have a warm white light function mode?

Yes, the HomeMate lights can turn to 16 million shades. You may select the colour of the light as per your desire. Along with RGB, most of the lights support Tuneable white option i.e. you can change white shades from Cool White to Warm White Lights.

Can I turn off my HomeMate Smart led light through a mobile app while lying in bed?

Yes, you can operate your HomeMate Smart Home products from anywhere in the world. All you need is that your smart home appliances should be connected to the wifi.

How can I connect a HomeMate Smart Bulb with Wi-Fi?

Yes! Connecting your HomeMate Smart Bome bulb with the wifi makes it easier for you to operate all the smart products with a voice command or a single tap on the HomeMate Smart App.

3 reviews for Wi-Fi+BLE RGBIC Dreamcolor LED Kit

  1. Raunak

    Bought a pack of 2 RGBIC LED kits for my kid’s rooms. This is an awesome product and as it is WIFI enabled easily to use. Kids are very excited about these smart light strips.

  2. Aneesh

    Works great! Don’t go with negative comments! This strip is just superb! The led is bright, and works well with Alexa.. have been using it for 3 months now.. no issues so far!

  3. Lakita

    I ordered the HomeMate RGBIC LED kit this Diwali, and the delivery time is very quick. I simply connected the strip to my local WIFI with my smartphone connecting to it.

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