Wi-Fi+BLE RGBIC Dreamcolor LED Kit


RGBIC Dreamcolor LED Kit comes with 16 Million color effects.

This strip light has segmented control so you can easily select different color of different segments.

This strip light has voice control function. You can easily control strip light using Alexa, Google Assistant and more.

You can enjoy lights on beat with music sync function.

You can control this strip light from anywhere using HomeMate Smart App.

It has may other features such as Timer Mode, Remotely control, predefined scenes, sharing with family, group device and many more.


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HomeMate Strip Light
RGBIC Made In India Home Mate

About HomeMate Wi-Fi RGBIC Dreamcolor LED Kit

Is it easy to voice control the HomeMate smart lights?

Yes, controlling the HomeMate Smart lights can be done through Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant and Siri Shortcuts.

What is the main feature of the WIFI RGBIC Dreamcolor LED KIT?

The main feature of the WIFI RGBIC Dreamcolor LED Kit is you can set the colour like a rainbow which means you can change the colour of this light in segments.

Can the WIFI RGBIC Dreamcolor LED Kit be synced with music?

Yes, you can sync the WIFI RGBIC Dreamcolor LED kit with your music. Play your favourite music and let the light dance with you.

Where can I set up the WIFI RGBIC Dreamcolor LED Kit?

The best place to set up the WIFI RGBIC Dreamcolor LED kit is behind your gaming setup. You can use this light anywhere you want and set the colour according to your mood.

Can I do segmented control in the app for the HomeMate smart RGBIC LED Strip?

Yes! HomeMate Smart RGBIC LED Strip offers provision of changing colours in the segments. One can also make room lights into variant colours just like a rainbow.

2 reviews for Wi-Fi+BLE RGBIC Dreamcolor LED Kit

  1. sreyansh

    Greatest product for the price. I expected it to be of average quality, but to my surprise, it turned out to be the greatest. The amount of smart led lights is amazing; a single led strip is more than enough for a 65-inch television. It features four built-in programs for changing the colour of the LEDs. I would recommend everyone to purchase this product.

  2. aanchal

    I was cautious before purchasing this. However, the product arrived in decent and robust packaging, and the quality was satisfactory. The amount of light produced by each LED exceeds my expectations. I’m hoping it lasts at least a year.
    Overall, the led smart strip is satisfactory and well worth purchasing. Make your life more colourful by incorporating RGB into it. Life is nice when it is colourful.

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