WiFi + BLE Smart Power Strip Extension ( 3 Sockets + 3 USBs )


Easy to install, portable and suitable for Laptop charging, Bluetooth Speakers, TV, Wi-Fi Router, Mobile Charging and many more appliances.

This Smart Extension has 3 USB ports with Qualcomm Quick Charge.

Voice control through Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant & Siri shortcuts compatible.

You can control each power outlet independently of this Smart Power Extension using HomeMate Smart App.

It allows Sharing (Multi-person control of one device) and Grouping (multiple devices can be grouped).

Monitor the energy consumption of all your appliances connection with HomeMate Smart Extension.

You can control this Smart Extension from anywhere in the world using HomeMate Smart App.

HomeMate product is designed, developed and proudly MADE IN INDIA.

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About HomeMate WiFi + BLE Smart Power Strip Extension 

Can I schedule the turning OFF and ON of the HomeMate Smart Extension?

Yes! Turning OFF and ON the appliances can be pre-scheduled if your products are linked to a smart extension.

Can I use the HomeMate Smart extension for Energy Monitoring?

Yes! HomeMate Smart extension allows you to track electricity consumption via the HomeMate Smart App.

What if I go out and forget to switch off the HomeMate Smart Extension?

You can control the HomeMate Smart Extension remotely from anywhere using the HomeMate Smart app. Turn ON/OFF the extension using your smartphone.

How many devices can be connected using the HomeMate Smart Extension ?

You can connect 3 appliances and 3 USB devices for quick charging in HomeMate smart extension.


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