5 Reasons Why Smart Door Locks Are Best For You

5 Reasons Why Smart Door Locks Are Best For You

by | Jun 27, 2023 | Smart Security

With advancements in technology, our traditional homes are becoming smarter and more connected. With the help of home automation, the lives of each individual have become smoother and easier. Various Smart home products by HomeMate have been introduced in the market like lights, bulbs, LED Panels, door locks, motion sensors, security cameras, actuators and much more. Further, HomeMate is one of the renowned names among home automation companies.

Whenever we are out or at a distance, people stay worried for their loved ones. HomeMate has one of the Best Door Locks In India. Smart Lock For Home offers a convenient and secure way to protect your loved ones along with several benefits. Moreover, if your phone is connected to smart electronic door locks, you will get a prompt message about operating it. Additionally, HomeMate smart door locks have other various features operating, fingerprint door lock, passcode, key, and others.

Here are the five compelling reasons why Smart Door locks are the best choice for modern homeowners

1.Enhanced Security

Unlike traditional locks that can be easily picked or manipulated, smart locks provide an additional layer of protection. These locks utilize advanced encryption methods and authentication techniques to ensure that only authorized individuals can gain access to your home.

Smart Door Locks offer various methods of authentication, such as key codes, biometric scanning, or even smartphone integration. The presence of these features in the door helps to reduce the need for physical keys. Therefore, the risk of losing the key or stealing the key is minimized. Moreover, smart locks help to provide real-time alerts and activity logs. Therefore, you can always keep an eye at your place that who enters or leaves your property.

2.Convenience and Flexibility

Gone are the days of fumbling with keys or worrying about forgetting to lock the door. Smart Door locks offer unparalleled convenience and flexibility. Installing a smart lock at your place helps you to easily unlock your door using a keypad, your fingerprint, or even through your mobile. This eliminates the need to carry around multiple keys or hide spare keys under doormats or flower pots.

Smart locks also allow you to remotely control and monitor your Smart Door Lock status. Using a mobile app, you can lock or unlock your door from anywhere in the world, granting access to trusted individuals or service providers when needed. This convenience is particularly useful for homeowners who frequently travel or have busy lifestyles.

3.Integration with Smart Home Systems

Another significant advantage of Smart Door Locks is their compatibility with smart home systems. Smart locks can seamlessly integrate with other devices and platforms, such as voice assistants like Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant. This integration enables you to control your door lock using voice commands or incorporate it into automated routines.

For example, you can set up a routine that automatically locks the door and turns off the lights when you say, “Goodnight” to your voice assistant. Integration with smart home systems enhances the overall functionality and convenience of your home, making it a more cohesive and connected environment.

4.Temporary Access and Monitoring

Smart Door Locks offer the ability to grant temporary access to individuals, such as house guests, service providers, or Airbnb guests. Instead of handing out physical keys or worrying about keys being lost or duplicated, you can provide temporary access codes that can be easily programmed and revoked as needed. This feature gives you complete control over who can enter your home and when.

Additionally, smart locks provide monitoring capabilities, allowing you to keep track of who enters and exits your home. Some models even have built-in cameras or can be integrated with existing surveillance systems. These features give you peace of mind, especially when you’re away from home, as you can monitor activity in real-time and receive alerts for any unauthorized access attempts.

5.Energy Efficiency and Cost Savings

Smart Door Locks can contribute to energy efficiency and cost savings. Many smart locks offer features such as auto-locking, which automatically locks the door after a predetermined time. This ensures your door is always securely locked, even if you forget to do so manually.

Moreover, smart locks can be integrated with home automation systems to trigger energy-saving actions. For instance, when the smart lock is engaged, it can communicate with other devices like thermostats to adjust the temperature settings and optimise energy usage. These small actions can add up to significant savings on your energy bills over time.

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The Different Kinds of Smart Locks

Smart locks are electronic locks that provide additional security and convenience features compared to traditional mechanical locks. They utilize various technologies to enhance the home or building access control. Here are some of the different kinds of smart locks available:

  • Keypad-based Smart Locks: These locks feature a keypad or touchpad interface for entering a PIN code to unlock the door. They eliminate the need for physical keys and allow for easy access control management. Some models also offer temporary codes for guests or service providers.
  • Bluetooth-enabled Smart Locks: These locks use Bluetooth technology to connect with smartphones or other authorized devices. They can automatically unlock the door when the authorized device is in proximity, offering a convenient hands-free access solution.
  • Wi-Fi-enabled Smart Locks: These locks connect to a Wi-Fi network, enabling remote access and control through a smartphone app. They allow users to lock or unlock the door from anywhere, receive notifications, and grant temporary access to visitors.
  • Biometric Smart Locks: Biometric locks use fingerprint, facial recognition, or iris scanning technology to authenticate access. They offer enhanced security by relying on unique biological characteristics. Biometric smart locks often integrate with other smart devices for a comprehensive security system.
  • Key Fob-based Smart Locks: Similar to remote car key fobs, these locks use small electronic devices that emit a signal to unlock the door when in proximity. Key fobs are convenient for quick and easy access without the need for physical keys.
  • Hybrid Smart Locks: Hybrid locks combine smart lock features with traditional key access. They allow users to unlock the door using either a physical key or a smartphone, providing flexibility and redundancy.
  • Retrofit Smart Locks: Retrofit locks are designed to replace the internal mechanism of an existing mechanical lock, converting it into a smart lock. They offer a cost-effective option for upgrading conventional locks without changing the entire lockset.
  • It’s worth noting that smart locks may offer additional features like integration with voice assistants (e.g., Alexa or Google Assistant), activity logs, geofencing, and compatibility with other smart home devices for a comprehensive home automation system. When choosing a smart lock, consider the desired features, compatibility with existing infrastructure, security levels, ease of installation, and connectivity options that suit your needs.


Smart Door Locks provide numerous benefits which make them the best choice for modern homeowners. HomeMate Digital Door Locks are the best source to enhance security, convenience, integration and flexibility with smart home systems, temporary access, monitoring capabilities and energy efficiency are all compelling reasons to consider investing in a Smart Door Lock. As technology has evolved over the number of years, these smart devices have started playing a vital role in the lives of each individual due to convenience, peace of mind, and a higher level of security.Click here to shop more homemate products.