Home automation system can enhance your lifestyle and provide better security to your home. A smart home automation system works as an eyes and ears for your home. Using a smart sensor you can control your entire house whenever and however you want.

Equip your home with the HomeMate smart security system and monitor every activity around your house. Security is a big concern these days in many big metropolitan cities like Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, and Kolkata. You not only want to keep your house safe from ant intruders and thieves but also to make your home convenient and efficient. 

Get notifications on your smartphone when someone enters your home, control your lights and other devices, install a motion detector to detect and get an alarm in an emergency, etc.

All this is possible with the HomeMate smart security solution, we have a wide range of smart home security options available to keep you and your family safe. Check out our website to shop the latest smart security home automation system for your house. 


What is a Home Automation System?

A smart house is a home-like environment that has ambient intelligence and autonomous control, allowing it to adapt to occupants’ behavior and supply them with numerous amenities.

To increase convenience, comfort, and energy efficiency, home automation may involve centralized management of lighting, heating, ventilation, and air conditioning equipment and other systems security and efficiency.

A home automation system connects the electrical gadgets in a house. Control strategies are among those used in household duties such as home entertainment systems, houseplant and yard watering, pet feeding, ambience change “scenes” for various events, and so on.

The most common method for creating smart home automation is to computerize them. A collection of smart sensors collects several forms of data, including the inhabitants as well as the home’s utility use. Computers or devices having processing power analyze data.

These data can be used to identify resident behaviors or events. They then react to the sections and events by manipulating specific variables. Mechanisms incorporated within the house.

A basic example of such clever behaviour is turning on the lights when a person enters the room. However, more difficult jobs, such as determining if an old individual is alone and in poor health.


Types of Smart Sensors for Home Automation Systems

Smart sensors can enhance your home automation system and improve your lifestyle. With the convenience of voice assistant, energy-saving benefits with motion and light sensors, to improve your overall home security.

Experience the ease of smart home automation with HomeMate smart security. There is a wide range of smart sensors that can embrace the future of your home living experience.  

1. Smart Door Sensor

A smart door sensor is a device that is used to detect whether your door is open or closed. It consists of 2 parts: a sensor and a magnet, the magnet is attached to the door and the sensor is an inbuilt device that does the main work.

Both the sensor and magnet are aligned in such a way that it knows when the door is closed. If the door is opened the magnet and the sensor are separated breathing the magnetic field. 

Smart door sensors are one of the best smart security sensors for homes because it is used for various purposes: 

Home Security: With HomeMate smart door sensor you can monitor your house. Attach this device to your front door and catch every activity that’s happening around you. It will detect if there is any miscellaneous activity and will send you a notification on your smartphone. 

Convenient: Our door sensors will make your life more convenient. You can set this smart security system to turn ON/OFF your lights when you enter or leave your house. 

2. Smart Window Sensor

The main purpose of a smart window sensor is to detect when your window is open or closed. It consists of a sensor and magnet creating a magnetic field.

If you open the window it will break the magnetic field that is aligned with the sensor and magnet triggering an alarm. HomeMate window sensor is made in such a way that you will get a push notification on your smartphone when the window is opened.

It is fully automated so whenever you open or close the window you can set the lights to turn ON/OFF. It is easy to install and mount after you are done installing it, connect it to a hub or your wifi. Make your life convenient as it can be controlled using voice commands. 

3. Smart Motion Sensor

Motion sensor is a wonderful device for your home automation system. It will detect every movement near the device. If you set this device in your living room or outside your house it will keep track of the areas. The main purpose of smart sensors is for security but other than this you can also use them to create smart home automation.

You can use the HomeMate motion sensor to save energy. Set the lights in such a way that whenever you enter or leave your house it will turn ON/OFF whenever it detects motion. 

4. Smart Alarm Siren

A smart alarm is a security device that can be triggered by various factors. It is a great device that will keep your home safe and secure. If there is a breakthrough, leak, or any kind of hazardous activity it will trigger the alarm.

The best part about a smart alarm system is you can control it using your smartphone allowing you to arm and disarm the alarm from anywhere.

HomeMate smart alarm is a small and compatible device that makes it a simple smart sensor convenient to install and use. With our smart alarm siren, you get to choose your optional ringtone. 


Conclusion For Smart Home Automation System 

When it comes to smart home automation systems it is wiser to choose the best brand and product for our company. As security is a great concern these days you don’t want to let your guard down in any way. If you have children, old family members, or pets then you need to take the necessary steps to keep your home safe and secure.

With HomeMate smart security services you can live a smart life. Our smart sensor will keep you alarmed from any miscellaneous and hazardous activities. 

Moreover, get 24*7 monitoring and security of your home. Invest in our long-lasting smart security system to enjoy a stress-free and happy life. At HomeMate you will get other smart devices like a camera, lock and video door.

All these smart devices will enhance your home automation system and improve your security system. With all these smart sensors at your home, you can stay tension-free and completely secure. Visit our website today and choose the best smart home security products for you.