Home automation promises an easy and convenient lifestyle. You can control your entire house using voice commands or touch sensors. Home automation also enhances home security systems. If you want to convert your traditional house into a smart home then HomeMate offers various smart automation using IoT products. The home security system includes a smart camera, smart sensors, smart lock, smart door lock, smart switch for the home and alarm. 

Home security is crucial for everyone, mostly if you live in a metropolitan city like Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, or Kolkata. You want to keep your family and house safe from intruders. For this reason, many home automation companies are moving forward for better safety for your smart home. HomeMate is one brand that will keep your smart home using advanced technology like smart door locks and cameras. 


What is Home Automation?

A smart house is a home-like environment that includes ambient intelligence and autonomous control, allowing it to adapt to the behaviour of its residents and provide them with various services. Home automation may include centralised control over lighting, heating, ventilation, and air conditioning equipment, as well as other systems security and efficiency, to promote convenience, comfort, and energy efficiency. 


How Does Home Automation Change Your Lifestyle?

Technology has become a part of everyone’s life. To make a convenient and efficient lifestyle smart home is making its way to everyone. Now, you can control home automation using IoT. Manage your entire house from anywhere using smart devices. But how does it enhance your life? 

1. Convenient Lifestyle

If you want to live a comfortable and convenient life then switching to a smart home can be the best choice for you and your family. You can control your entire house using a smartphone or HomeMate smart app. Live a hassle-free life with HomeMate smart devices. 

2. Energy Efficient

Smart devices and automation can save a lot of energy. You can smartly manage your home devices, and track your power consumption efficiency. Save money on your monthly bill as you will be able to track your device’s power consumption and set a timer to turn it ON/OFF.

3. Safety and Security

Security and safety of your house is a big concern these days. With the HomeMate home automation system, you can monitor your house from anywhere. Our home security system includes a smart door lock, smart switch for the home, camera, motion sensor, and more. Simply install the security system in your house and get 24/7 security. 

4. Effortless Control

Operate your smart home effortlessly using smart automation using IoT. It allows you to control your home smartly using voice commands or a smartphone. Set a schedule for your devices when you want to turn them ON or OFF. You don’t have to keep your AC or lights on for the entire day, with IoT smart home you can control the behaviour of your devices. 

5. Manage Task

You can use virtual assistants like Google Assistant or Alexa to complete your daily tasks through voice commands. For example, you can use voice commands to play music or turn ON/OFF lights or other appliances. If you have installed a smart switch for home then you can manage your daily tasks with just one command. 


Enhance Home Security System with HomeMate

If you are worried about the safety of your home then don’t worry we have your back. With HomeMate take your home security system to the next level. We bring you the most innovative products that will keep your home safe and secure. Our products are trusted and reliable. Here we will discuss some of the home security systems that you can use for your house safety.

1. Smart Sensor

If you want to detect any kind of motion in your house then smart sensors are the best device for a smart home. Using the voice command, light and motion detectors are a wonderful home security system. Monitor your entire house using your smartphone. You will get a notification on your phone if there is any kind of unusual motion detection in your house. 

2. Smart Camera

Get a 360 view of the inside or outside of your home from anywhere using the HomeMate smart cameras. Capture HD photos and videos day or night with a distance of up to 32 feet. HomeMate smart camera allows the user to send notifications on their smartphone if there are any miscellaneous activities around the home. Stay tension-free with the smart camera. 

3. Smart Door Bell

Monitor your home using the HomeMate smart doorbell. It has a 130-degree motion range that can sense anyone who is approaching your home and it will immediately start recording and send notifications to your smartphone. This doorbell also features 1080 HD night-vision photos and videos, two-way audio, and PIR motion detection. 

4. Smart Lock

The smart door lock will lock your door once you leave the house and can only be unlocked using a password, fingerprint, RFID card, mechanical key, or a smart app. This gives complete protection to your house when you are not home. Using the HomeMate app you can easily access or track logs of who has opened your door, at what time, and how they got access to it. 

5. Smart Alarm

With the HomeMate smart alarm, you will stay safe. Use the alarm anywhere in your house inside or outside to monitor your home. If there is any unwanted or hazardous activity it will get triggered. Stay updated on your smartphone as it will send you a notification to it. 


Final Words

IoT smart home is used to operate multiple devices all at once using the internet. This gives complete freedom to the user to create a central hub for a smart home. Home automation companies are more focused on providing better security features to their user. With HomeMate products, you can change your entire house into an IoT smart home. Improve your home security with us visit our website and get exclusive deals on every smart product.