HomeMate: Future Of Smart Home

HomeMate: Future Of Smart Home

by | Nov 30, 2022 | Smart Home

Home automation is becoming the new trend across the globe. It’s simple to say, as home automation is a technology with which you can control your home items. You can handle things such as home security, energy efficiency, as well as carbon footprint. All these can be handled via your smartphone. This blog will discuss the future of smart homes. 


Are you thinking how this all can be possible? The answer to the future of smart home technology is IoT (Internet of Things). The IoT sounds complex, however, it is very easy. IoT is a chain of physical things (objects) which, via smart devices, can be controlled online. For instance, you can monitor the lights of your home. With the best HomeMate Smart equipment, all of your home items can be linked to a HomeMate App on your device. You can add multiple devices with this app and control usage. 

HomeMate is one of the leading home automation companies in India. It offers you with a variety of Smart-app based security and lighting devices. HomeMate’s smart house devices even include motion-detection and smart monitoring sensors for client’s security, safety and comfort. Get ready to make your life smarter than before with HomeMate’s range of smart home automation devices.


It can sound intimidating, yet the true IoT devices put the power back in the user’s hands. Also, it’s simple to use! Moreover, it is revolutionizing and here is why?

Future of smart home - homemate


1. Promotes Energy Efficiency


In the recent past, clients have comparatively less monitoring power over their utility bills. But now, you can easily manage and schedule your electricity use, placing off the power-driven devices such as geysers and AC at a certain point(s) of your day. Not just this, you also lower your electricity use in nature. You can use the HomeMate “set and forget” command option and schedule your items with the HomeMate Smart App. 

2. Lower Costs


As electricity prices are increasing day by day, people will like to shift to the future of smart home technology even more. With this, you are not just assisting your power-driven appliances run time, but you will also save on utility bills. Also, appliances that are currently not in use and you forget to switch it off, they still consume energy. This issue can be resolved when you can control it using a smart house app by HomeMate. 

3. Convenient 


The HomeMate Smart App lets your users manage devices when powered or unpowered with setting options that take action irrespective of any time of the day. An AC, for instance, can be switched off using a homemate app when you are not at home. Imagine, its a cool winter morning and you feel lazy to turn on the geyser, here you can use HomeMate Smart Plug, whereby you can turn OFF and ON your geyser through HomeMate iot smart home app. You can design a smart home with several HomeMate smart devices like actuators, smart lights, security devices and a lot more. For more products, you can check https://homemate.co.in/

4. Offers Peace Of Mind


Have it ever happened to you, you went out to a nearby store and left a toddler sleeping at home? Worrying what if he wakes up and falls off the bed? In that case, you can use HomeMate Smart Indoor Camera. This helps you monitor your toddler with your phone. Possibility can be any, and these worries can be easily resolved by using the future of smart home technology. Making an IoT smart home brings you peace of mind, no matter whether you are in or out of your home. Some security products by HomeMate include smart video doorbell, smart security siren, motion sensor and many more.  

5. Tailored Needs


All HomeMate home automation devices let you multiple off and on commands and have several shortcut capabilities. Most of the devices work with Alexa and Google Home. You can set commands like “Draw The Curtains” and have maximum control over your smart belongings. From changing AC temperatures to dimming of smart lights, you can customize everything as per your need via HomeMate Smart Application. In simpler terms, most of the products that are electrical, can be converted to smart and have a level of customisation. What are you waiting for? Make your home smart with smart home technology. 

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    Let HomeMate Products Make Your Home Smart Today!


      Life is running at a fast pace. Hardly people get time for themselves. As per a study, a person spends almost 1-2 hours on switching on, off, waiting for switching off electric-powered devices in their homes and workspace. Well, this can be minimized to 10-15 minutes with a single click on your phone. The need for the future of smart home technology is growing and will keep on growing with new technologies. You can make a smart connected home with HomeMate. HomeMate has a vast range of smart house devices that are not only interesting to use, but also very easy to install and beneficial. Hope you find the blog future of smart homes useful. In case you are eager to uplift your smart home game, then check out the latest products by HomeMate. Click here!