The demand for smart home automation systems is gradually increasing in modern luxury house and real estate businesses. The resale value of a property is always an important issue for an investor.

Home automation systems and gadgets have the most influence on real estate since they increase resale value. In terms of curb appeal, they typically increase the value of a property. Not only this Smart home automation can make your lifestyle easier and convenient. It can make your home safe & secure. 

Moreover, in big cities like Bangalore, Mumbai, Delhi, and Kolkata safety is a big concern for everyone. Modern luxury house with a smart home automation system are increasing rapidly.

One of the most expensive homes in the World, Antilia owned by Mukesh Ambani has a voice-controlled home automation system that gives him a complete smart security system. If you also want to control your entire home automation using IoT then, HomeMate is here for you to make your lifestyle luxurious and comfortable. 

Why Do Modern Luxury House Need a Smart Home Automation System?

As technology is growing and modern living is becoming a priority for everyone, the smart home automation system is becoming a crucial part of making your life sustainable and efficient. Why do modern luxury house need a smart home automation system? Let’s discuss this in detail.

1. Make Your Lifestyle Convenient

If you are living in a modern luxury house and you want to make a convenient and efficient living then you must switch to home automation projects with HomeMate smart automation system. Now, control your entire home with a smartphone. With smart home automation, you can live a tension-free life. It will provide comfort and security to those people who are busy in their lives. 

2. Safe and Secure Home

In modern luxury house security is a great concern with HomeMate’s smart devices providing 24-hour management and monitoring of smart home equipment. Our smart home security gadgets provide you with a full picture of all possible entry points into your property. You can improve your safety by using our smart door locks. You may now improve your security by installing sophisticated motion sensors. Our smart home security gadgets include motion sensors to detect anyone’s presence. Furthermore, you receive tight security systems that ensure your home’s protection 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Invest in our long-lasting smart security cameras as well if you want to live a stress-free and joyful life. 

3. Smart Sensing

When you enter the room, automated lighting controls switch on the lights and turn them off when you leave. The days of wondering if you switched off the dining room lights are over. However, the majority of smart home automation was designed in response to human needs. After all, need is the mother of all inventions! The bulk of smart automation system that have emerged in recent years are designed to provide a superior quality of life rather than a luxury lifestyle.

4. Energy Efficient

Smart air conditioners, smart refrigerators, and even centrally managed air conditioners can be used to build environmentally friendly houses. All of these gadgets’ power supplies may be smartly managed from any room in the home. This is a crucial function for tracking energy efficiency, and it has recently gained popularity among the majority of home purchasers.


HomeMate Smart Home Automation System

HomeMate can enhance your home automation system and improve your lifestyle. With the convenience of voice assistant, energy-saving features with motion & light sensors, to improve your overall home security. Experience the ease of smart home automation of your modern luxury house. There is a wide range of smart devices that can embrace the future of your home living experience.  

1. Wi-Fi Fingerprint Smart Door Lock

A WiFi fingerprint smart door lock can be unlocked with a fingerprint scan, a smartphone app, or a password. It is also linked to the internet, allowing it to be monitored and operated remotely. 

The Benefit of Smart Door Lock

  • Home Security: With the HomeMate smart door sensor you can monitor your house. Attach this device to your front door and catch every activity that’s happening around you. It will detect if there is any miscellaneous activity and will send you a notification on your smartphone. 
  • Convenient: Our door sensors will make your life more convenient. You can program this smart security system to switch your lights on and off as you enter or leave your home. 
  • Keyless Entry: Unlock the door with your fingerprint, smartphone, or password, eliminating the need to worry about forgetting your keys or bringing them with you.

2. Smart Alarm Siren

A smart alarm is a security device which can be triggered by various factors. It is a great device that will keep your home safe and secure. If there is a breakthrough, leak, or any kind of hazardous activity it will trigger the alarm. The exciting part about a smart alarm system is anyone can control it via smartphone letting you to arm and disarm the alarm from anywhere.

HomeMate smart alarm is a small and compatible device that makes it a simple smart sensor convenient to install and use. With a smart alarm siren, you get to select your optional ringtone. 

3. Smart Camera

With HomeMate smart camera you can capture images and videos day and night. Get an instant push notification on your smartphone when your smart camera detects any movement. Smart cameras are one of the best smart home automation for modern luxury house as they will keep an eye on your house 24/7. Monitor your home from anywhere around the world using your smartphone. 

Summing about having Modern Luxury House

When it comes to modern luxury house with smart home automation system it is wiser to choose the best brand and product for our company. As security is a great concern these days you don’t want to let your guard down in any way. If you have children, old family members, or pets then you need to take the necessary steps to keep your home safe and secure.

HomeMate lets you live a tension-free and smart life. Our smart sensor will keep you alarmed from any miscellaneous and hazardous activities. 

At HomeMate, you will get other smart devices like a camera, lock and video door. All these smart devices will enhance your smart automation system and improve your security system. With all necessary smart sensors at home, you can stay tension-free and completely secure.

Contact us today for smart automation projects that will let you control your entire house with voice-controlled home automation.