Peace of Mind: Monitoring Your Home with Smart Door Sensor & Window Sensors

Do you want to keep your home and family safe? Everyone wants the safety of their family from any hazard or intruders. Keeping your house safe with modern technology is important to keep yourself safe from any potential threat. The modern house comes with smart home gadgets like wifi cameras, smart door sensors, window sensors, and another smart home kit to keep your home safe and secure. 

Improve your home security and safety with HomeMate smart home automation. Our smart products like smart door sensors and window sensors work with voice commands and using your smartphone. We have a wide range of home automation using IoT which will make your home convenient and improve home security.

What is Smart Home Automation?

Smart home automation is a technique to automate multiple devices and appliances simultaneously using technology. You can control lights remotely, adjust the thermostat, keep your home safe and secure, control multiple devices using voice commands, and more. Make your life easier with home automation IoT as you can control everything remotely. 

Personalise your living environment with smart home automation. Home automation companies focus on providing their customers comfort and peace of mind. With HomeMate smart home automation you can transform your home into a smart one and keep everything safe.

HomeMate Smart Door Sensor and Window Sensors

Smart door sensors and window sensors are useful devices for your home if you want to monitor and keep your house safe 24/7. Enhance your home safety and ease your lifestyle with HomeMate home automation IoT. 

1. Smart Door Sensor

A smart door sensor is a device that is used to detect whether your door is open or closed. Mount the door sensor on your door. It consists of a magnet that gets attached to your door. Both the sensor and magnet are aligned in such a way that it knows when the door is closed. If the door is opened the magnet and the sensor are separated breathing the magnetic field. 

Smart door sensors are one of the best smart security sensors for homes because it is used for various purposes: 

Home Security: Monitor your house with our smart home gadgets like wifi cameras, door sensors or window sensors.  Attach this device to your front door and catch every activity that’s happening around you. It will detect if there is any miscellaneous activity and will send you a notification on your smartphone. 

Convenient: Our door sensors will make your life more convenient. You can set this smart security system to turn ON/OFF your lights when you enter or leave your house.

2. Window Sensor

Window sensors are used in various places for safety purposes. It is one of the most useful smart home gadgets if you want to safeguard your home. HomeMate window sensor is very useful and is equipped with advanced features like push notifications on your smartphone when your window is opened or closed. The device is easy to install just mount it on your window and connect it with a wifi. Make your home safe and convenient with a smart home automation system. 

Why HomeMate Sensors?

HomeMate is among the best home automation companies that aim to improve lifestyle by providing smart home technology. We have various smart products for your home that can enhance your living experience. With the HomeMate app, you can control your entire house using one touch. Control your entire house anytime anywhere remotely using your smartphone. Our products are easy to install and control, energy efficient, and can controlled remotely. Security is a big concern for all mostly in metro cities so if you are concerned about the safety of your home and family then with HomeMate you get the best security system.

Summing Up

When it comes to smart home automation it is wiser to choose the best brand and product for our company. As security is a great concern these days you don’t want to let your guard down in any way. If you have children, old family members, or pets then you need to take the necessary steps to keep your home safe and secure. Live a safe and smart life with HomeMate products. Our smart sensors will keep you alarmed from any miscellaneous and hazardous activities. 

Moreover, get 24*7 monitoring and security of your home. Invest in our long-lasting smart security system to enjoy a stress-free and happy life. At HomeMate, you will get other smart devices like a camera, smart fingerprint door lock, video door, and smart home kit. All these smart devices will enhance your home automation system and improve your security system. Live a tension-free and secure life with HomeMate. Check out our website and find the best home security products for your home.